From office supplies to chemical or automotive materials, whatever is your activity, you’re likely to generate waste what may be considered ‘dangerous’ or toxic.

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As agents of waste management, at Llorens|rp we offer a complete service, in which we help you in your proper storage and reconditioning for effective transport towards a plant approved for its management. Always giving priority to their assessment, to take advantage of the residue and not produce unnecessary pollutants.

These are our services:

  • Advice to minimize the generation of surpluses.
  • Prioritizing the assessment pathway and the derivate.
  • Comfortable, agile and safe pick-up service.
  • Law enforcement, treating each material as established to avoid any kind of sanction.
  • We try to ensure, to a possible extent, the landfill compliance, which is a high priority for us.
  • Environmental advice.
  • Support in official documentation procedures.