Llorens|rp is the division responsible for the management of all kinds of hazardous and special waste, from those generated in an office (toners, batteries or fluorescent), to those generated in large quantities; such as sewage, cleaning or solvent, among others.

Llorens|rp is born with the intention of advising our clients on the best environmental solutions, as a support in proceedings of official documentation and its correct tagging. We work to find the best way to manage waste, always ensuring the fulfillment of the landfill and prioritizing the enhancement and the derivate as an alternative to any treatment or incineration, to then transport the merchandise to the corresponding plant manager, where its management will proceed.

The goal of Llorens|gmr is to integrate in a sustainable way the most appropriate management for each type of waste. Llorens|rp, agents of waste management, responsible for its effective and efficient transport for their further enhancement.